Telly Text #24: Backchat + Real Husbands Of Hollywood

on Saturday, December 14, 2013
Words: Jordan Andrew


Jack Whitehall seems to be the all over my television screen all of a sudden. With 'Bad Education' and 'Fresh Meat' both gaining high praise from critics as well as viewers, there seems to be no stopping him. BBC Three have decided to give Jack his own chat show with the help of his dad (Michael Whitehall) judging him at every moment. Each week two different types of celebrities, one for the intelligence of Michael and one for the simple(r) mind of Jack.

As Jack sits on the host chair, Michael is sitting in the corner ready and waiting to correct Jack. Whether it being reminding him on his failed University attempt or his high private school fees, Michael is there to show Jack who is really the boss. I think I truly love the fact that Michael seems so miserable throughout the whole of the show. It makes his witty comments all that more funny.

As well as interviewing each week Jack and his Dad do a weekly activity so that they can bond. So far this has involved Jack learning to drive and baking a cake to name just a few. As you can probably predict this never seems to end up well at all, usually with them arguing at one other. Each episode slightly reminds me of the relationship between my Dad and me. As much as we can our disagreements we genuinely do get along a lot and even have our funny moments, which I feel is the same for Jack and Michael.

It is great to see a father and son on television, it kind of makes them both look like a normal family which they probably are. I do hope that this show is allowed to grow and even climbs up from BBC Three into the home of BBC Two as this show does have potential. Most of the potential comes from Michael Whitehall, who brings this show to life.

Catch 'Backchat' every Wednesday at 10pm on BBC3.

'Real Husbands Of Hollywood'

This year there has been an invasion of ‘Real Housewives’ shows from Atlanta to Vancouver. I must admit I have watched a few of these shows and I can understand how people can sit there all day watching these shows. Comedian Kevin Hart clearly saw this as an opportunity to poke a bit of fun at these shows and has created 'Real Husbands Of Hollywood'. This parody is set in Hollywood starring Hart, Nelly, Nick Cannon, Duane Martin, Boris Kodjoe and J.B. Smoove.

This BET original series allows us these entertainers to develop their own storylines that are just as crazy as some of these housewives shows. The main character Kevin Hart, who never seems to have much luck with the ladies, even though he always seem to have a woman on his arm. As one of the divorced husbands, Kevin has to deal with his ex-wife Bridget demanding money and making a fool of him from time to time.

Nick Cannon is a well known US presenter but many people know him more for being Mariah Carey’s husband. You can guarantee that in every episode there is always a Mariah Carey insult waiting for Cannon however Nick always seems to have a comeback, especially for Kevin.

The rest of the cast provide a good laugh but the most underrated performer on this show is Tisha Campbell. She may not appear in every episode but when she does you are guaranteed to be laughing on the fall especially when she gets angry. She does take the spotlight away from her husband Duane Martin, who is generally a funny man but just no match for Tisha.

I must say I'm quite shocked none of the UK channels have developed ‘The Real Housewives of Birmingham’ or something along those lines. Not that I'm saying they need to, as there is enough reality television, and I have probably now cursed us for 2014 already. Kevin Hart is a true comedy genius that knows how to give people a good laugh along with his crew. I can see this show going on for a few more series but it will be quite hard to keep the comedy fresh and original and that is the challenge Hart will have.

Catch 'Real Husbands Of Hollywood' on BET Channel.

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