Telly Text #27: Are You The One? + Ja'mie: Private School Girl

on Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Words: Jordan Andrew

'Are You The One?'

Everyone seems to be after love these days with the increase of dating shows from 'Take Me Out' to 'First Dates' - airing our dirty laundry on television to get a date seems to be the way forward. MTV’s newest show 'Are You The One?' gives ten girls and ten boys the chance to find their “perfect match”. If they all find their perfect match, they win one million dollars to share.

Hosted by Ryan Devlin each week the contestants compete to go on dates and who will go into the ‘true booth’ to see if the computer feels they are a perfect match. After all this they then all attend ‘The Match Up’ to see how many matches they have and how much closer they are to the one million dollars. Now you are probably wondering how they decide who is a perfect match for each other - by using dating technology, professional matchmakers, psychologists, their social media, and their family and friends.


Since I have started watching this show, it has been full of heartbreak especially between Shanley and Chris T, who automatically hit it off but had to put the brakes on once computer said no. It seems like it's been hard for the pair to find their perfect matches since then. We also have Kayla and Ryan who appear to have a lot of chemistry. However, Kayla has also spread herself onto Wes and Chris S. You could argue she is playing the game and keeping her options opened or she might just be a big flirt.

So far this series we have seen two perfect matches and I shall not ruin who they are but one was a real joy and the other one was dramatic. One partnership I have my fingers crossed for is Amber and Ethan but I shall just have to stay tuned. I often find quite a lot of dating shows cringe worthy and it's no different with 'Are You The One?' - the way they decide who is each other’s perfect match is a complete joke. However, unlike other dating shows 'Are You The One?' provides me with a bunch of crazy Americans willing to keep me entertained, so I can look past any issues with the show.

Catch 'Are You The One?' every Monday at 10pm on MTV UK.

'Ja’mie: Private School Girl'

Chris Lilley has been a little quiet recently after the success of 'Summer Heights High' and 'Angry Boys', just to name a few. He is making his comeback to the UK with 'Ja’mie: Private School Girl', set around the character Ja’mie King - a confident, sassy and totally delusional girl in her final year of school. If you are a fan of Chris Lilley, you already know the character of Ja’mie and how controversial she can be. There is literally no filter to this bitchy school girl.

This docusoap gives us an insight to Ja’mie’s last few weeks of school as her perfect world starts to crumb down. Ja’mie is the girl that gets the best grades and is apart of every group at school but will stab you in the back to get to the top - along with her group of ‘yes’ friends, who seem to get replaced each school year. Ja’mie is currently competing to win the annual Hillford Medal for the best Year 12 girl of the year, which she believes she has in the bag.

One of her ways of ensuring that she wins the Hillford Medal is to adopt an African teen called Kwame and looking after him until she is completely certain of victory. Kwame has deep feelings for Ja’mie and does whatever she wants but Ja’mie only has eyes for one guy at the minute by the name of Mitchell, from the all boys’ school down the road. She uses her feminine charm to seduce Mitch - although this relationship is hardly going to challenge ‘Posh and Becks’, as you will see this as the series goes on.

Ja’mie is an extreme version of today’s modern day girl - they always seem to be making up new words like ‘bogan’, ‘pash’, and my personal favourite ‘quiche’, as well being boy crazy and maybe even quite self-obsessed. Chris Lilley is one of the most controversial comedians around and 'Ja’mie: Private School Girl' will not be for everyone. If you are open minded and like a good laugh then this could be the show for you.

Lilley will be back soon with Jonah another character from 'Summer Heights High' which for me is the not the right decision. After a while there is only so much before you get sick and tired of recycled jokes.

Catch 'Ja’mie: Private School Girl' every Wednesday at 10pm on BBC3 and catch up on iPlayer.

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