Year In Review: Jordan Andrew's Top Twenty TV Shows Of 2014 [Part Two]

on Saturday, January 03, 2015
Words: Jordan Andrew

10) 'Homeland'

With Brody out of the picture, everyone feared this would be the end of 'Homeland', with Carrie simply screaming and yelling every five minutes. This was not the case as the drama took us back to feeling like it was series one again. The usual 'Homeland' confusion was there and when you think you had it all figured out, by the end of the episode you were nowhere closer. The only downfall to this series is the last episode...

9) 'The Flash'

From first glance at the trailer of 'The Flash', you could tell it had potential to be one of the best shows of 2014. The gripping storyline of Barry Allen figuring out who killed his parents as a child, while fighting crime keeps on us our toes each week. 'The Flash' follows the a similar intro to 'Arrow' which by mid-series two we will probably be sick of but for now 'The Flash' will be our 2014 superhero.

8) 'Cuckoo'

I find myself feeling I have to apologise to Taylor Lautner again, when I reviewed 'Cuckoo' you may remember at first I felt Lautner would ruin 'Cuckoo' and that no-one could replace Andy Samberg. On reflection, yes no-one can replace Samberg as the original 'Cuckoo', however Lautner does a great job as his son. The standout is clearly Greg Davies who is always on point with the humour.

7) 'Orange Is The New Black'

Our favourite bad girls came back for a second series on Netflix and they did not disappoint one bit. With the new addition of Vee (Yvonne Parker) who really helped create the drama needed for this hot second series. We also got to see some flashbacks from some of the other inmates such as Poussey, Gloria, and Crazy Eyes who is my personal favourite. Let hope for some more ‘Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl’ in 2015, as I did miss that.

6) 'Game Of Thrones'

Last series we were all getting over 'Red Wedding' and how it had change 'Game Of Thrones', this year we were talking about 'Purple Wedding' and the death of one of the big characters. Once again 'Game Of Thrones' just kept killing off characters, everyone except for Sansa who by now seems to be the cat with nine lives. To top off the celebrations, the show has also been awarded the most pirated show for the third year running, well done 'Game Of Thrones'! Lets see whom you kill off for 2015.

5) 'How To Get Away With Murder'

Shonda Rhimes has done it again! She has made another hit television series (following 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Scandal') that we have become addicted to. Now some of you may say that we are only into the middle of series one and question why I have put this show so high. Well, my heart already doesn’t think it can take another twist from Annabelle and her lawyer students. We know who killed Sam Keating but after that mid-series shocker, there are many more questions.

4) 'Sherlock'

I did earlier feature 'Fargo' and mention what a good 2014 it has been for Martin Freeman but let’s not forget his buddy Benedict Cumberbatch who has also had a great year. 'Sherlock' came back to screens in January for a three part series and we were hooked, so much so that we do not have long to wait for the an explosive new series. Hopefully Cumberbatch and Freeman won’t have too much of a busy 2015, we clearly need more.

3) 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

I should be mad at Andy Samberg for ditching 'Cuckoo' but after watching 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', all is forgiven. This extremely funny show has to be one of the best comedies of 2014, not just with its Emmy awards but also for the fact there is a character for everyone. Now I have not heard great things about series two, and it will be hard to match this fantastic first series but I will wait to judge after a few episodes.

2) 'True Detective'

I remember when I shared the trailer on our Twitter page and I had a feeling this would be one of the biggest if not the biggest shows of 2014. Well I hate to blag but I was on the money with 'True Detective'. Starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew Mcconaughey who play detectives helping to catch a serial killer across a seventeen-year timeline. What I love about 'True Detective' is that when it picked up speed in episode it never stopped right until the end. Series two will be with a fresh new cast starring 'Colin Farrell' and Vince Vaughn, so look for 'True Detective' in 2015.

1) 'The Leftovers'

It was really hard to make this top 20 but finding my number one was quite easy. When I wrote about 'The Leftovers', I knew I had been watching something very different to what is around at the moment. 'The Leftovers' stars Justin Theroux and Liv Tyler who live in a town trying to get back to normal, three years after family, friends and celebrities go missing to never return - judgement day style. The show is very depressing but well written, there is no fairy-tale happiness. This is extremely dark and I love it. That is the main reason why 'The Leftovers' my number one show of 2014.

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