Year In Review: Jordan Andrew's Top Twenty TV Shows Of 2014 [Part One]

on Friday, January 02, 2015
Words: Jordan Andrew

20) 'Gogglebox'

'Gogglebox' has gone from strength to strength this year, we have enjoyed watching people watch television which sounds so sad but just works. 'Googlebox' is the perfect Friday night in show which such families as Sandy and Sandra, Steph and Dom and The Moffat family entertained. Whether its their opinion on the 'X-Factor' or finding out who has had a bit of greek in them, 'Googlebox' has had a great 2014.

19) 'Ja’mie Private School'

Chris Lilley came back with not one but two shows this year (neither as funny as 'Summer Heights High') but did provide us with many laughs. 'Ja’mie Private School' was in my opinion the better of the two, with her spoilt brat image and snobbish attitude. We got to see Ja’mie struggle through her final year of school and insult every race, sexuality and person in general. Hopefully Lilley will be bring us something new and fresh for 2015.

18) 'My Mad Fat Diary'

Rae came back to our screen, not so mad this time. She seemed more calm and settled in fact all the madness seemed to be with everyone else, which meant it was left to Rae to fix the pieces. In this second series we also got to explore some of the other characters such as Archie coming out story and Chloe’s rise and fall from popularity. Furthermore seeing Rae happily in love with Liam was nice to see and I for one can not wait until the third series.

17) 'The Great British Bake Off'

It would be a crime for me not to mention 'The Great British Bake Off', with all the high drama and sexual innuendo all over this series. This year’s drama happened when Iain Watters threw away his ice cream during their Baked Alaska challenge after it was taken out the freezer by fellow competitor Diana Beard. This led to ‘bingate’ and Twitter exploding with people wanting Diana’s head, although she quit due to medical reasons anyway. Anyway, with its new home of BBC1, Bake Off seems to be gain viewers by the year.

16) 'House Of Cards'

Our craze to binge-watch has got worse this year thanks to Netflix and in particular thanks to 'House Of Cards'. This second series came out in February and we were hooked on Francis (Kevin Spacey) and Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) plotting their way to the top of political power, in this US drama. Netflix has not helped by announcing that there will be a third series of this hit show in the new year, so set the 27 February 2015 in your diary.

15) 'Fargo'

Martin Freeman had a really good 2014 with 'Sherlock' and 'Fargo'; the 1996 film of the same name inspires this comedy-crime drama. Also starring Billy Bob Thornton, 'Fargo' gives us the ‘true crime’ story of when a desperate car salesman teams up with a drifter after killing off his wife. Admittedly, at times 'Fargo' felt like it was dragging but the slew of Emmy nominations spea for themselves. 'Fargo' will return in the new year on Channel 4 for a second series.

14) 'Scandal'

I have been a big fan of 'Scandal' for some time now - it may not have set the UK on fire but when More4 decided not to show the third series, Sky snapped it up. Now this series has not been as good as the first two series, with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) mainly left to yell and scream, and the plot was only saved thanks to the last few episodes. I have a feeling 'Scandal' might rank higher in the 2015 Telly Text end of year round up.

13) 'The Walking Dead'

'The Walking Dead' has been around for five series now and yes, they are still surviving in this post-apocalyptic drama. You would think by now people would get bored, but it seems to be pulling in bigger audience numbers as the show goes on. If I was stuck in this world as a character I would be dead by about the third episode of the first series, so well done guys, and we look forward to the sixth series.

12) 'Doctor Who'

We are now on our Twelfth doctor with Peter Capaldi and assistant Jenna Coleman, who both show no signs of slowing down or quitting, with recent rumours being cleared up by Coleman. Some may argue that 'Doctor Who' does not have the appeal it used to have with such previous Doctors as David Tennant and Matt Smith, however ratings are still high with a committed fan base. Until next year Doctor!

11) 'Murdered By My Boyfriend'

One if not the best one-off dramas of 2014 has to be ‘Murdered By My Boyfriend’. I gave this a solo television review back in June due to the emotional rollercoaster this drama sent me and millions of viewers on. Starring Georgina Campbell and Royce Pierreson, and written by Regina Moriarty, this drama highlighted on domestic violence in a strong and quite brutal way. I also praised BBC Three for airing this, and with their pending cancellation I fear these type of dramas will be missing in the future.

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