Watch: True Adventures - Better Tomorrow, Today [Official Music Video]

on Friday, December 07, 2018
Words: Saam Das

"They say you can tell a man by his shoes. But what does it mean when the soles are worn through?" Samuel Leonard Keith Leonard aka True Adventures opens reflectively on his new single 'Better Tomorrow, Today', accompanied by an intriguing "u ok, hun?" music video which features footage that's a bit like if you pressed the fast forward and rewind buttons on a VCR together at the same time.

'Better Tomorrow, Today' is another collab with David Pye, who worked on Wild Beasts' record 'Two Dancers' as well as the excellent debut True Adventures single, 'North Atlantic Ocean'. The new track treads a line between melancholy and hope, much like that debut effort, with a focus on its heartfelt lyrics. "I always made a point of listening to you, in case you say something great" - a simple yet beautiful sentiment, and we feel similarly about True Adventures.

'Better Tomorrow, Today' is out now on RoundTable Records. Find more info at

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