Surfacing: On Video [New Band]

on Monday, April 01, 2019
Words: Saam Das

Ghee is love, ghee is life. Whether new East London outfit On Video are talking about the clarified butter that is deservedly all the rage on the Indian sub-continent or not, we have an immediate positive association with their debut single of the same name. Listen to the barnstorming garage rock sound of 'Ghee' below.

Comprising former Venture Lows members Hassan Anderson and George Williams, with Neil Goody and Yuli Levtov, the camera-shy On Video are about to join upcomers BLOXX on tour. 'Ghee' pulls off the same sort of fuzzy nostalgia and punk-ish energy of Boy Azooga, and if they share the same live prowess as the aforementioned band then their April UK dates will be quite the sight. Regardless, an excellent opportunity to hear more of the forthcoming 'Clap Trap' EP.

'Ghee' is out digitally now. Find more info at

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