Year In Review: Top Twenty Tracks Of 2018 (#10-1)

on Sunday, March 31, 2019
Words: Saam Das

Following up from part one of our list of top tracks of 2018, which featured the likes of Young Fathers and Metric, we have our undoubtedly much anticipated countdown of the top ten below. We've also put together a Spotify playlist of the whole shebang if that's more of your thing.

10) Sigala, Fuse ODG, Sean Paul ft. Kent Jones - 'Feels Like Home'

For many, the summer of 2018 was dominated by the FIFA World Cup - especially in England, where we had the unexpected pleasure of seeing Gareth Southgate lead the English football team to the semi-finals. For a brief time, the country felt united. Partly in thanks to the resurgence of 'Three Lions'. Another track that felt like it encapsulated the joy of football was this monster anthem led by producer Sigala. Invigorating.

9) St. Vincent - 'Fast Slow Disco'

Turning her album track 'Slow Disco' upside down with the help of Bleachers' frontman and burgeoning producer Jack Antonoff (who also co-produced the album from whence it came) was a 2018 masterstroke from St Vincent. From the opening vocal hooks, we knew this was a winner.

8) CHVRCHES - 'Miracle'

"Pop" is sometimes used as a dirty word in certain musical circles but it's pleasing to know that Scot trio CHVRCHES have no such qualms - following up arguably their most accessible track 'Miracle' with an excellent 2019 collab with DJ Marshmello. Bring on more brilliant rip-roaring pop like 'Miracle'.

7) Colouring - 'Time'

In an alternative timeline, 'Time' by London quartet Colouring would have reached #1 in the UK Singles Chart in 2018. In this timeline, at one time, 'Time' #1 on this list. Certainly, it can count itself as one of 2018's most underrated tracks. We're hoping for big things from this band.

6) Panic! At The Disco - 'High Hopes'

It's never really been in our ethos to write about super popular tracks but even with a video approaching 250,000,000 views on YouTube, it seems justifiable to write about 'High Hopes'. The bombastic single deserves all those plays and more, eclipsing the 175 million views of 2013's 'This Is Gospel' which we were also rather enamoured with - the two now vying for a place as our favourite Panic! At The Disco song.

5) ARIEL - 'In-N-Out'

Kate Sproule's musical output has seen her impress in Mt. Wolf and as Bo Rocha, and her latest evolution ARIEL shows no sign of relenting. 2018's sparkling 'In-N-Out' was of particular note, sharing some of the ethereal nature of previous work but mostly driven by a brilliantly bubblegum chorus.

4) Lauv - 'Chasing Fire'

Ari Leff's been behind some heavy hitting pop tracks like Charli XCX's 'Boys' and Cheat Codes x Demi Lovato's 'No Promises' so it's not surprising to see him making some big moves in his own guise as Lauv. Recent collabs with Julia Michaels and Troye Sivan are a demonstration of his pop ambitions but it was the deliciously catchy 'Chasing Fire' that arguably remains the high note of his burgeoning career. Expect many more highs.

3) Maggie Rogers - 'Fallingwater'

It doesn't feel all that long ago that Maggie Rogers was that music student having a track gushed over by none other than Pharrell Williams. And justifiably so as her 2018 debut album, 'Heard It In A Past Life', proved. Perhaps the highlight of that record was 'Fallingwater', created in combination with the ever-brilliant ex-Vampire Weekend member-turned-superstar-producer Rostam, which had us swooning from the outset.

2) EASYFUN ft. Iiris - 'Be Your USA'

PC Music has been a zeitgest-defining label/musical style over the last few years, extending their influence to artists like SOPHIE (a good opportunity to note that today is Trans Day Of Visibility) and Charli XCX, and one of the mainstays of their brand has been producer EASYFUN. When he's not teaming up with AG Cook as EASYFX or helping make bangers like Sarah Close's 'You Say', he's crafting top level smashes like 'Be Your USA'. "Turn me up loud" indeed.

1) IDER - 'Mirror'

It's been several years since we first saw the talent of IDER, back then simply known as folk duo Lily & Meg, when we chose them as one of our selections for the 2014 Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition. Their talent has certainly emerged since then, and their sound has expanded, as aptly demonstrated by the incredible 'Mirror'.

Working with London Grammar producers MyRiot, 'Mirror' shared the same sort of anthemic flow that proved so delightful on Haim's 'Want You Back', as well as echoing lyrical themes seen on TLC's 'Unpretty' and 'Ugly' by Sugababes. Sincere, special, and above all, spectacular.

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