Download: Jhameel - WAVES [New Music Series]

on Monday, December 12, 2011
Words: Jack Thomson

Jhameel was once set to become an officer in the US Army. His linguistic skills in Arabic, Spanish, Korean, and Russian would have been highly rewarded in the military but Jhameel quit the program, instead earning a degree in Arabic from UC Berkeley within just two years. He began his career in music immediately after, creating "explosively funky music" with inspiration from the likes of Prince and Michael Jackson.

His second album, 'The Human Condition', sparked interest with numerous music fans, propelling tracks 'Bernal Heights' and 'The Human Condition' to the top of the Hype Machine Popular Charts. That was followed up with the 'Dance' EP, which featured 'Shut Up', a track that became Forever 21’s flagship song in late 2011.

He now returns with a new music series entitled WAVES. Every Tuesday for the past five weeks, he's been releasing a brand new track available to download completely free. Speaking honestly, I’m not a fan of all of it, but that which I do like, is quite simply brilliant.

As minimal pop music goes, Jhameel has definitely crafted his art on 'Waves', an instantly catchy track that revolves around 3 piano notes, a drum beat and not much else. It is his ability to create instantly catchy vocal hooks around simple musical backing that makes me think he has great potential as a song writer.

'White Lie' is another good example of this and again, quite simply put, is a fantastic pop song. The final track from his series is out now and they can all be downloaded from the Soundcloud widget below.

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