Surfacing: NZCA/Lines [New Band]

on Thursday, December 15, 2011
Words: Saam Das

I popped into The Social in London earlier this week for Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens' Christmas party gig featuring perennial FG favourites Clock Opera. NZCA/Lines were also on the bill so despite the boredom of my own company, I stuck around for this project from Michael Lovett, the bassist for Your Twenties. It was worth it.

NZCA/Lines is a silly name. (Although the actual Nazca Lines are pretty amazing.) Thankfully, the music is more sensible. Although they do have a standing up drummer, which I hear is a dubious choice of body position but doesn't bother me. Upon witnessing their live set, my immediate thoughts were of some of the best stuff from Hot Chip and Passion Pit.

Bridging a gap between electronica and RnB, it is forthcoming release 'Okinawa Channels' that proves most breathtaking. Smooth grooves. Download it for a limited time below. Debut single 'Compass Points' as well as Japanese release 'Nazca' can be heard below. Together they represent a body of work which suggests big things for next year's debut album. You'll Lovett. (I'm so sorry.)

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