Telly Text 11: Andy Murray: The Man Behind The Racquet + Bodyshock: The Man With The Ten Stone Testicles

on Thursday, June 27, 2013
Words: Jordan Andrew

'Andy Murray: The Man Behind The Racquet'

With Wimbledon now underway, all eyes in the UK will be on one man, Andy Murray. After coming so close to winning Wimbledon last year, there's an expectation for him to produce the goods this year. Murray has had an outstanding year for a British tennis player, from winning an Olympic gold medal as well recently winning the US Open - his first Grand Slam title, coming 76 years since a British male Grand Slam winner.

This documentary gives us an insight into the crazy year of Britain’s number one plus looking at how he became such a successful sportsman. Presented by Sue Barker who takes us through this journey with the help of family, friends and celebrities.

Watching Andy Murray going back to his hometown of Dunblane in Scotland felt like a real moment. As he greeted the people you can tell the people adore him, even having him put his signature on a baby. Even watching him and his mother going back to his old school to teach and using some of his old training techniques was quite a joy to watch as a viewer.

As you watch on you can see that Andy Murray is not your attention seeking type of sports personality. He has even stated how the paparazzi found him so boring after the fifth dog walk - the paparazzi left him and his girlfriend (Kim Sears) alone. Even celebrities like Anna Wintour have commented on how he is different to other tennis players like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

This documentary has come at a time when people will be ready to be getting back on Murray Mound and the nation will take Murray into their hearts for a few weeks. I have always liked Andy Murray, he has given Britain something to be proud of in terms of tennis and unlike previous British tennis players he has actually won Grand Slams.

Catch 'Andy Murray: The Man Behind The Racquet' for a limited time on BBC iPlayer.

'Bodyshock: The Man With The 10 Stone Testicles'

When I saw this show advertised on Channel 4, I assumed it was another one of Channel 4’s overrated documentaries that is just not as extreme as it is made out to be. As you start to watch this documentary and these massive balls start swinging about on your television screen as if you are wearing 3D glasses, you can't get anymore extreme.

Wesley Warren, a 49-year-old man from Las Vegas suffers from this rare condition. One night he accidentally knocked his testicles while turning over in his bed and since then they have been swelling to the size of toddlers. We are able to watch the struggle that Wesley has to go through to be able to get the treatment he needs.

Now if you still don't believe that these testicles are massive, Wesley has to wear a hoodie instead of trousers to try and cover up his balls. He cannot work, drive a car or even have sex as these gigantic balls have sucked in his manhood. The one good thing about this situation is that Wesley always seems to have a lot of confidence in himself and that his problem will be solved.

One truly disturbing moment of his documentary is when he is with the doctor discussing the surgery and the cost. Wesley asks the doctor if he could keep the tissue from after the surgery so that he could sell online. Now when he said this, my mouth dropped to the ground - the thought of someone having his testicle tissue hanging up in a house put me off eating for about 10 minutes. Thankfully the doctor told him no, so I do not need to worry about bumping across any large testicle auctions anytime soon.

Now you might be thinking why does Wesley not just chop it all off and pee in a tube for the rest of his life, but imagine asking a man to chop off his manhood, I know I would rather giant balls. Even though I have spent most of the time talking about balls, this documentary also shows how it is easy for the rich to get treatment and everyone else has to suffer.

Catch 'Bodyshock: The Man With The 10 Stone Testicles' on 4oD.

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