Surfacing: Katy J Pearson Emerges With Debut Single 'Tonight' On Heavenly Recordings

on Monday, October 14, 2019
Words: Saam Das

Gloucestershire-bred and Bristol-based Katy J Pearson has cut her teeth in outfits such as Kitten And Bear and Ardyn, both alongside brother Rob Pearson, and it's now time for her solo material to emerge. Listen to her fine debut single, 'Tonight', to be released on Heavenly Recordings, home to the likes of Gwenno and Boy Azooga.

Where Ardyn opted for a darker (and often more electronic) sound, Katy J Pearson's new material arguably harks further back to her more acoustic-led Kitten And Bear days. The jaunty 'Tonight' has folk and country elements, with a particularly splendid brass flourish to finish. How delightful.

Katy J Pearson - 'Tonight'

Katy J Pearson is currently playing live on tour across the UK. Pre-order 'Tonight' on 7" vinyl and find more info at

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