Stream: FOE - Hot New Trash [New EP]

on Sunday, April 17, 2011
Words: Saam Das

We surfaced Hannah Clark's solo project FOE last May. Almost a year on, she has released a spectacular debut EP of grungey leftfield pop, 'Hot New Trash', produced by Adam "Entrepreneurs" Crisp. Stream it in full below.

The EP came out earlier this month on the Stella Mortos label, founded by former Shattered Satellite man, Jehan Harding. The four track release features the menacing 'Tyrant Song', which I wrote about previously, only to be one-upped by the even more twisted and brilliant 'Genie In A Coke Can'.

Each 7" vinyl comes with a handmade cover, making every copy unique. The EP is also out on cassette, and if you're willing to spend a tenner, you can get your own FOE-adorned Walkman too. Back to the future.

The Alec Empire remix of 'Genie In A Coke Can' carries much of the sentiment of the original but doesn't appear on the EP so is downloadable below. FOE also appears on the latest Entrepreneurs release, along with Ghostpoet - check out the fascinating, bastardised jazz of 'Fuck Tactics' at the bottom of the post.


STREAM: Fuck Tactics feat. FOE & Ghostpoet by Entrepreneurs

Purchase 'Hot New Trash' from Stella Mortos or in mp3 format at

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